Navbar is a list of secondary links. Part of the Bolt “Components” CSS framework that powers the Bolt Design System.

Install via NPM
npm install @bolt/components-navbar
  {% include "@bolt-components-navbar/navbar.twig" with {
  title: {
    tag: "h2",
    text: "Title Text",
    icon: {
      name: "icon-name"
  links: [
      text: "Link 1 Text",
      url: "#!"
      text: "Link 2 Text",
      url: "#!"
      text: "Link 3 Text",
      url: "#!"
} only %}
Name Type Value(s) Description Default
theme string
  • xlight, light, dark, xdark, none

Color theme. Can be set to 'none' for a transparent background.

title object
    • tag
      • h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
    • text
    • icon
        • name

          Name of the (optional) icon to be used.

Navbar title. Icon is optional. Tag can be set to h1 to h6 depending on the page.

center boolean

Determines if you want the Navbar content to be center aligned or not

width string
  • full OR auto

Adjusts the Navbar's overall maximum width behavior -- either filling up the entire browser's total screen width (full) or just the component's parent container width (auto).

links array
  • [items]:
    • Type: object
    • Properties:
      • text
        • Type: string
      • url
        • Type: string

(Inherited from nav-priority) Array of links

moreText string

(Inherited from nav-priority) Button text that displays when the Priority+ Nav Dropdown is displayed.

offset integer

(Inherited from nav-indicator) Number of pixels taken up by sticky items at the top of the page. Used for smooth scroll and gumshoe.


The Navbar component's full width option allows the component to span the entire page / screen's width in size -- ideal for sticky nav and overall site navigation.

This full config option for the Navbar component can be combined with the other config options available such as center.

The Navbar component's auto width option allows the component to be used in situations where it doesn't / shouldn't span the browser's entire screen-width in size (ex. in a sidebar or off-canvas nav)

This provides maximum flexibility when coming up with creative solutions.

Activate linked title by passing in an url

Remove theme and gradient for a transparent option