HTML Attributes for Text Link Depending on if the <a> element or the <button> element is being used, the proper HTML attributes should be passed.
Important Notes: <a> requires the href attribute. <button> requires the type attribute.
Demo This text link has the "href", "target", "rel" and "id" attributes
{% include '@bolt-elements-text-link/text-link.twig' with {
  content: 'This text link has the "href", "target", "rel" and "id" attributes',
  attributes: {
    href: '',
    target: '_blank',
    rel: 'noopener',
    id: 'js-bolt-some-unique-id'
} only %}
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener" id="js-bolt-some-unique-id" class="e-bolt-text-link">This text link has the "href", "target", "rel" and "id" attributes</a>