Reversed Underline Text Link Text link has a style variant called reversed underline. This is commonly used in headlines with icons because an icon may already indicate interactivity, reducing the need for the underline. The underline will appear on hover instead of being visible always.
Important Notes: It is recommended to use this style variant while having either an icon before or after.
Demo This is a reversed underline headline text link This is a reversed underline body text link
{% include '@bolt-elements-text-link/text-link.twig' with {
  content: 'This is a reversed underline text link',
  icon_after: icon_chevron_right,
  reversed_underline: true,
  attributes: {
    href: '',
} only %}
<a href="" class="e-bolt-text-link e-bolt-text-link--reversed-underline">This is a reversed underline text link</a>