Basic Holy Grail Layout The Holy Grail layout renders a sidebar on the left and another on the right. It is a top level page layout. Important Notes: The sidebars are sticky at and above the medium breakpoint.The primary sidebar transforms into a modal below the medium breakpoint. User can tap a trigger button to activate the modal. trigger_icon and trigger_label props are available for customizing the icon and label text in the trigger button.The secondary sidebar disappears entirely below the medium breakpoint. This sidebar is intended for non-essential information.Holy Grail layout should be used in tandem with Site layout. It would go into the main content area.Tech Doc is a great example of using Holy Grail layout, Site layout, Side Nav, Content Pagination, and Article element together. View demoRead more about holy grail layout on Wikipedia. Demo
Primary sidebar
Secondary sidebar
This is a holy grail layout.
// Set up sidebar templates
{% set sidebar %}
  {% include '@bolt-layouts-holy-grail/holy-grail-sidebar.twig' with {
    content: 'Primary sidebar',
  } only %}
{% endset %}
{% set secondary_sidebar %}
  {% include '@bolt-layouts-holy-grail/holy-grail-secondary-sidebar.twig' with {
    content: 'Secondary sidebar',
  } only %}
{% endset %}

// Pass sidebars to main template
{% include '@bolt-layouts-holy-grail/holy-grail.twig' with {
  content: 'This is a holy grail layout.',
  sidebar: sidebar,
  secondary_sidebar: secondary_sidebar,
} only %}
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