Basic Site Layout Site layout renders the header, main, and footer landmarks of a page. Important Notes: The content is already rendered inside a <main> element, do not pass another <main> element to the prop. The header and footer are freeform, the props are expecting <header> and <footer> elements repectively. The site layout must only contain <header>, <main>, and <footer> as immediate children. No additional elements can be a child. This is the replacement for the .c-bolt-site class. Demo
This is the header.
This is the main content. The site layout is at least 100% of viewport height and the footer is always positioned on the bottom.
This is the footer.
{% include '@bolt-layouts-site/site.twig' with { header: '<header>This is the header.</header>', main: { content: 'This is the main content.', attributes: { id: 'main-content', } }, footer: '<footer>This is the footer.</footer>', } only %}
<div class="l-bolt-site"> <header> // This is the header </header> <main id="main-content"> // This is the main content </main> <footer> // This is the footer </footer> </div>