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Bolt Hero

A pre-defined band featuring a headline, call to action, and prominent imagery.

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Twig Usage
  {% include "@bolt-components-hero/hero.twig" with {
  content: "Hero content goes here",
  background: "/images/heros/hero-background--yellow.svg",
  image: "/images/heros/hero-foreground--yellow.png",
  theme: "dark",
} only %}
Note: when assigning component props as HTML attributes on a web component, make sure to use kebab-case.
Prop Name Description Type Default Value Option(s)

The content to display in the Hero

string , array , object

Color theme to use within the Hero.

string none
  • xlight , light , dark , xdark , none

The path to a background image that displays underneath the content / foreground image in the Hero.


The path to a foreground image that displays along-side the other Hero content.


Adjusts the Hero Image's horizontal alignment

string center
  • left , center , right

Adjusts the Hero Image's vertical alignment

string middle
  • top , middle , bottom

Customizes the min width of the Hero Image

string none

Customizes the maximum width of the Hero Image

string 450px

Reverses the order on larger screens (desktop) so the image comes first (left column) and the content comes second (right column).

boolean false
Install Install
  npm install @bolt/components-hero
Dependencies @bolt/components-band @bolt/components-image @bolt/core-v3.x @bolt/global

Basic Usage

This simple Hero demo only sets four props: the Hero content the image path the image's vertical alignment (set to bottom via the imageValign prop) and the theme color (light)

Hero Title

Reverse Desktop Order

This demo uses the reverseOrder prop to reverse the Hero's default column order so that on larger screens, the Image shows up on the left and the Content shows up on the right.
PegaWorld iNspire logo

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center May 31 - June 2, 2020

This demo shows that the reverseOrder prop still swaps the column order of Image / Content on larger screens, even if a Hero doesn't contain an image!

While Heros don't require an image...

Perhaps a Band would be a better fit for these types of use-cases?

Band Component Docs

Image Minimum Width

This demo creatively uses the imageMinWidth prop to "pin" the image to the right side of the screen on larger devices.

A Prominent Headline Certainly Helps

This one even includes a tagline.

Image Horizontal Alignment

This Hero demo sets the imageAlign prop so the image is right-aligned within it's Grid column instead of being center (default) or left aligned. This horizonal alignment is especially visible on smaller screens or when using smaller-width images.

It's show time.

Please join us for PegaWorld 2019 event at MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Monday, June 3rd, 2019
10AM - 3PM EST

This demo sets the imageValign prop to top so the image is always flush with the top-edge of the Hero container.
PegaWorld iNspire logo

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center May 31 - June 2, 2020

This demo sets the imageValign prop to bottom so the image is always flush with the bottom-edge of the Hero container.

Note: this automatically adjusts the content order on smaller (mobile) screens so the Image displays after the main content instead of before.

Pega is one of the key technologies that we are using to rebuild our application landscape.

Oliver Zeeb Team Lead, Application Development