Warning! The Link component is deprecated. No new features will be added to this component. See each page under Components/Link section in the navigation to reference old documentation. For any new instances of a link please use the Text Link element.
Adding Additional HTML Attributes to Link
Any initial HTML attributes on a <bolt-link>'s inner <a> tag will be retained with two exceptions: inline styles (auto-removed to avoid styling issues) and any HTML attributes that are in direct conflict with the props passed into the web component.
  <a href="https://google.com" data-analytics="click">
    Links retain most HTML attributes
Most (But Not All) HTML Attributes Supported For example, the url prop passed along to this web component will override any initial HTML href attribute present.
<bolt-link url="https://www.google.com">
  <a href="https://google.com" style="color: red">
    Props > Initial HTML Attributes