Web Component Usage Bolt Button is a web component, you can simply use <bolt-list> in the markup to make it render.
Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
<bolt-list> <bolt-list-item>Item 1</bolt-list-item> <bolt-list-item>Item 2</bolt-list-item> <bolt-list-item>Item 3</bolt-list-item> </bolt-list>
Basic Usage All the props defined in the schema table can be used directly on the <bolt-list> element.
Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
<bolt-list display="inline" spacing="xsmall" separator="dashed" align="center" > <bolt-list-item>Item 1</bolt-list-item> <bolt-list-item>Item 2</bolt-list-item> <bolt-list-item>Item 3</bolt-list-item> </bolt-list>
Advanced Usage Instead of passing plain text into each item, you may also pass other Bolt components or regular HTML.
<bolt-list display="inline"> <bolt-list-item> <a href="https://pega.com" class="e-bolt-text-link"> Item 1 </a> </bolt-list-item> <bolt-list-item> <bolt-chip url="https://pega.com"> Item 2 </bolt-chip> </bolt-list-item> <bolt-list-item> <a href="https://pega.com" class="e-bolt-button"> Item 3 </a> </bolt-list-item> </bolt-list>