Teaser Text Options The teaser allows for a few different text options, including eyebrow_text, headline, subheadline, and description. Important Notes: When setting the headline and subheadline please be sure to set the proper HTML tag to ensure SEO and accessibility best practices. The traditional eyebrow/headline/subheadline lockup is best used in responsive layout. Demo
{% include '@bolt-components-teaser/teaser.twig' with { eyebrow_text: 'This is the eyebrow', headline: { text: 'This is the headline', tag: 'h2', size: 'xxlarge', link_attributes: { href: 'https://www.pega.com', } }, subheadline: { text: 'This is the subheadline', tag: 'h3', size: 'xlarge', }, description: { content: 'This is the description.', }, ... } only %}
Not available in plain HTML. Please use Twig.