Show Description on Hover The teaser description has the show_on_hover boolean prop. When it is set to true, the description appears as an overlay above the signifier and it is truncated at 80 characters. Demo
Alt text.
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Long description. Chicken bacon doner pancetta pork corned beef, swine jowl burgdoggen pastrami buffalo beef ribs shankle. Turducken pork porchetta shankle, salami short ribs corned beef. Short ribs turkey burgdoggen, fatback jerky chuck landjaeger corned beef pork t-bone jowl hamburger brisket strip steak. Tenderloin cow bacon cupim t-bone short ribs swine biltong beef ribs capicola sausage beef.
{% include '@bolt-components-teaser/teaser.twig' with {
  description: {
    content: 'This is the description',
    show_on_hover: true,
} only %}
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