Visual Variant By default, the Table of Contents is set to the card variant, but it can be changed to transparent via the variant prop. Demo
{% include '@bolt-components-toc/toc.twig' with {
  header: 'This is the transparent variant',
  items: [
      text: 'Section One',
      url: '#section-one',
      active: true,
      text: 'Section Two',
      url: '#section-two',
      text: 'Section Three',
      url: '#section-three',
  variant: 'transparent',
} only %}
<bolt-toc header="This is the transparent variant" variant="transparent">
  <bolt-toc-item url="#section-one" active>
    Section One
  <bolt-toc-item url="#section-two">
    Section Two
  <bolt-toc-item url="#section-three">
    Section Three