Image paragraph

Image paragraph can be stand-alone content and nested within other paragraphs that requires images.

  • Spacing Overrides

  • Additional Attributes

    Note: HTML and aria attributes are allowed.

    + Add another attribute


Custom image workflow

  • Image size
  • Note: the pixel value will be set as the max-wdith for the responsive image to display at.

    Legacy sizes
    1. 80px (small)
    2. 150px (medium)
    3. 250px (large)
    4. 550px (xlarge)
    5. 170px (ABM headshot)
    6. 400px

Output markup


Dev Notes

  1. Source image size will set the width and height attributes according to the source file's dimentions.
  2. Stretch image size will set the fill prop on the image element to true.
  3. If custom image size is set, it would override the width attribute, the value for height attribute would need to be updated programatically.