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Your total benefit from a real-time, next-best-action approach is 429,457,193

The Value of Customer Retention

The Value of Customer Retention

Deeper relationships. Lasting benefits.

Pega protects your revenue by proactively predicting churn, then delivering hyper-personalized next best actions that retain customers, buiild long-term loyalty, and reduce discounts.

Total Retention Benefit: $207,500,000

Your churn rate today 10%

Your churn rate with Pega Customer Decision Hub 9%

Number of additional customers retained 100,000

Cost avoidance of replacing churned customers 20,000,000

Revenue loss avoidance with Pega Customer Decision Hub 187,500,000

Upsell and Cross-Sell Benefits

Upsell and Cross-Sell Benefits

Make selling more empathetic.

With Pega’s real-time decisioning you’ll know when a customer is in-market, and how to convert the sale. You’ll trigger relevant offers at exactly the right time - increasing your accept rates and maximizing customer lifetime value.

Total Uppsell/Cross-sell Benefit: $220,833,333

Your current value of a customer $1,875

Your value of a customer with Pega Customer Decision Hub $1,897

Percent increase in customer value from improved upsell/cross-sell presentation and conversion rates 1%