This layout is in a testing phase, do not use any code examples from the docs for production sites.
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// Set up the layout items {% set layout_items %} {% include '@bolt-layouts-layout/layout-item.twig' with { content: 'Layout item' } only %} {% include '@bolt-layouts-layout/layout-item.twig' with { content: 'Layout item' } only %} {% endset %} // Pass layout items to the content prop {% include '@bolt-layouts-layout/layout.twig' with { content: layout_items, template: [ '67/33@from-small', '75/25@from-medium', ], } only %}
<bolt-layout template="67/33@from-small 75/25@from-medium"> <bolt-layout-item> <!-- Content goes here --> </bolt-layout-item> <bolt-layout-item> <!-- Content goes here --> </bolt-layout-item> </bolt-layout>